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Premier Solutions now offers MANURE HAULING service. We can move manure up to 10 to 15 miles from source to field, when needed. The process starts at the source where we can load up to seven liquid semi-trailers specially designed for moving manure. They are loaded then continuously travel "from source to field and back again". When at the field the truck hooks up to a specialized pump which transfers the material to a 20,000 gallon portable holding tank. From the holding tank the material is pumped into our drag-line system and properly applied to the field.

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More Than Manure® (MTM®) Nutrient Manager is the only product on the market
proven to reduce phosphorus (P) lock-up and nitrogen (N) loss from leaching,
volatilization and denitrification when applied to hog manure. By reducing valuable
nutrient loss from your manure applications, it can help you see better overall crop
performance and increased yield potential.

MTM Benefits

  • Crop rotation flexibility
  • Non-toxic to livestock and soil bacteria
  • No specialized mixing/application equipment required
  • Reduces phosphorus lock-up in the soil
  • Protects nitrogen from leaching, volatilization and denitrification
  • Slowly biodegrades leaving no environmental footprint
  • Can reduce ammonia levels in your confinement barns
  • Can reduce solids in pits or lagoons

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Premier Solutions also offers liquid manure application service. This includes dairy and swine manure. We can pump up to two miles by hose. We also have pumping equipment and six semi-trailers for hauling liquid much further than two miles.

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